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Virtual Karate

Since the events of March, 2020 the world changed overnight, the learning became remote and we had to adapt to the new environment and at the same time, we learned how to teach or transmit the knowledge, most of the time as we were new to the tools, lost concentration between explaining, showing, muting and unmuting and then, eventually figured out what best worked for keeping the class at a pace.

With new members was even harder since it’s common to make mistakes placing hands and moving at the same pace, surprisingly they were able to follow once an alternative way of doing the same move was provided and a new language was used, i.e. throwing a front kick by using words like “Picture you are lifting a bucket of water” or even using common household items such as chairs, socks and even walls or beds.

With the slow re-opening of spaces we had to relocate to wherever it was available such as home dojos, parks or open spaces and get used to having that space reserved.

Virtual classes are still offered due to the mutations and in order to keep healthy environments, as well as to reach other audiences interested in doing some exercise or getting to know what Karate is about. Now after almost 2 years of social distancing we are looking for more engaging ways to teach and learn.

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