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Shihan Sergio Cortes

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

He was born on October 9, 1953, he started his Karate journey as a teenager due to a bulling episode, as he describes, he was a paperboy delivering newspaper until one day, one of the teenagers in the same delivery route bullied him for being weak, that's when he joined a Karate dojo and trained with several teachers, although he had the the knowledge and strength to face the bully, he didn't as he could have gotten in troubles, being a brown belt, he asked for a letter to his Sensei to present exam for black belt, he obtained grades from Manzo Iwata, Tadashi Iwamoto and Murata Sensei, from whom obtained his 5th degree and given the school name Shoō Rei Kai (尚礼会) - School where greets with courtesy, this is because Cortes in Spanish means "Courteous" hence the name.

He began training in the Mexicali area generating athletes for competition up to this day.

Each year he hosts the "Explosion" tournament where schools from California, Mexicali and sorroundings gather for a weekend of Kata and Kumite.

He began to obtain judging credentials and currently he is known as World Kata and WKF Kumite Judge, he has participated in several panamerican games as well.

On 2021 he held a special tournament for his 50th anniversary in the martial arts.

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